Commerce Design Awards 2018

We are still over the moon excited that our design for Little Brown Jug was one of the Grand Prize Jury Winners for the CommerceDesignWinnipeg 2018!! Partnering with Prairie Architects, the Design Shop Girls and their client,  Kevin Selch, set out to create an inviting space that connects the community and contributes to Winnipeg's local culture of makers and artisans through the design of their taproom and storefront.

What are the Commerce Design Awards??

CommerceDesignWinnipeg is a contest which rewards business owners and their architect, interior designer and/or landscape architect for the outstanding design of the interior and exterior of their business. The contest echo's Thomas J. Watson's mantra: “Good Design is Good Business” - and we couldn't agree more!!

Inspired by our client's belief that "Everything old will be old, everything new will be new" – the Design Shop Girls revamped the former livery stable into Little Brown Jug's new identity from the inside out. As honesty and community are vital to the LBJ brand, The Design Shop girls integrated these values by emphasizing the views both into and out of the space by renewing the 64-foot span of storefront windows, offering bypassers a direct view into the brewing process. Connections were further created within the interior by providing minimal separations between the the tap room and the brewery – allowing the customer to be part of the brewing experience and honouring Little Brown Jug's brand values. 100-year-old Douglas Fir boards found hanging between the existing steel trusses were re-purposed into the counter and benches within the space, only using new design details where necessary. No walls, no hiding the “imperfections” - just an honest tap room and brewery for an honest business. But that's not all! From now until September 28th, 2018, you can cast your vote for Little Brown Jug to take home the CommerceDesginWinnipeg's People's Choice Award! Head down to Little Brown Jug on 336 William Avenue, grab a beer, and enjoy this cutie in all its glory!! And don't forget to vote ;)


The Design Shop Girls

Home Styling 101: How to Style a Shelf

Home styling can be very daunting task for home owners – especially when it comes to functional areas within the home, such as built-in or free standing shelving units. Sure, these units provide the home with a means of storing everyday items such as books or family photographs. However, it is easy to forget that they are intended to display them as well – resulting in arrangements that appear as clusters of “things” rather than a beautiful, visually interesting display. Clear up all of that clutter and dust off those shelves, we're here to give you some styling tips that will not only add dimension to your home but it will also create a more engaging space for your guests!


four styling steps


First, find some horizontal objects for your shelving arrangement:

  • These horizontal items are just that – they lay or span in a horizontal direction. These items can be books, boxes, landscape-style picture frames, baskets, or any other item that takes up space in a horizontal direction.

Next, you need some vertical objects:

  • Vertical items are – you guessed it – items which lean on, span, or take up space in the vertical direction. These items include tall accent pieces – such as candle sticks, vases, portrait-style picture frames, or any other piece which takes up space in the vertical direction. What really creates a visually interesting display is when these vertical objects vary in height and scale – the less matchy-matchy the better!!

Now for some anchoring objects:

  • Pieces which anchor the horizontal and vertical items together are integral to completing your shelving arrangement. Anchors are any item whose height and scale balance the horizontal and vertical objects used in your composition. These items include unique sculptures, planters, or any other piece of decor that will compliment or contrast your horizontal and vertical objects.

Last but not least – some breathing room!:

  • The horizontal and vertical objects will never be complete without the help of items which anchor them, however, what makes or breaks the success of these compositions is the amount of space between them. Remember: less is more – allow some breathing room between the items on each level. This will help guide the eye, highlight certain objects and complete your shelving arrangement.



Design Shop Girls



Photograph by: @amberinteriors


Patio Hoppin' - Top 5 Patios in Winnipeg (according to us !!)

Patio season is here! I repeat! Patio season is here!!!

To say that we are excited for summer is an understatement. We are E-C-S-T-A-T-I-C. In preparation for Winnipeg's +30C days that are surely coming our way, we wanted to share some of our favourite outdoor patios with you! Our picks not only serve up amazing food and yummy cocktails, but they also have interesting design features that make each space special!


Tavern United MTS Centre – Rooftop Patio

345 Graham Ave, Winnipeg, MB

We couldn't write a blog post about Winnipeg patios without including Tavern Roof Top, located in Downtown Winnipeg. Situated among bright red umbrellas, the patio includes a mix of soft seating for those who wish to kick back and relax, as well as communal seating which may accommodate larger groups. For those who to wish to engage in a more intimate setting, bar top tables are located along the perimeter of the patio which allow small groups to chat and enjoy the view...and a drink or two. There is definitely something for everyone on this patio!


Browns Social House (Kildonan Green)

207-1750 Plessis Road, Winnipeg, MB


Brown's Social House in Kildonan Green has a modest sized outdoor dining space with lots of personality! Keeping the Social House concept ablaze, (see what I did there?) the patio includes a stunning outdoor fire place surrounded by soft patio seating to create a cozy atmosphere. We especially love the integration of quirky design details which add pops of excitement throughout the space. Whether it is the red/printed throw cushions against the neutral patio furniture, or the “beer garden” sign surrounded by Edison bulbs – these design features add a sense of liveliness within this social space.


Stella's Sherbrook

116 Sherbrook St

Joe Bryska / Winnipeg Free Press

It was so incredibly hard to for us to decide which one of Stella's patios to include here. However, we decided to gush over the Stella's Sherbrook patio for its chic, urban atmosphere. The outdoor dining space is tucked between the restaurant and adjacent business, using the street art painted on the exterior wall as a point of interest. To balance the ruggedness created by the exterior wall materials, the patio is beautifully landscaped with climbing vines which also compliment the delicate, art nouveau-esque bistro furniture. This composition makes us feel as though we are dining in the streets of Paris! So so cute!


La Roca

155 Smith St, Winnipeg, MB

John Woods / Winnipeg Free Press

Let us tell you something about La Roca. They have a two level patio. Yeah, you read that right. Two. Level. Patio. Not only do we love the fact that you can dine outside on the ground floor or on the roof top – we also love the simplicity of the design of these spaces and how well they blend with the adjacent architecture. Among the glazing and steel which make up the neighboring buildings, La Roca's patio surrounds patrons in warm wood tones as well as ornamental planters which bring pops of nature into the urban dining space. The patio is neatly lined with Edison bulb string lights – creating a “back yard” feel in the middle of downtown Winnipeg. We can't get enough of this space!


Pineridge Hollow

67086 Heatherdale Rd 25E, Oakbank, MB


Even though this patio is technically located outside of city limits, we had to include it on our list anyways! We love everything about the design of Pineridge Hollow's restaurant - so its not surprising that their outdoor dining space is just as noteworthy. What is interesting about the patio at Pineridge Hollow is that it uses material direction as its primary means of composing the space – rather than texture or pops of colour. For example, the two most dominant design features - the pergola and the patio floor boards runs opposite directions of each other. This design feature creates a sense of dynamism without being to overwhelming. The partition which separates the patio from the rest of the property is composed of a lattice structure which brings both visual interest to the space while providing privacy for the restaurant patrons. The patio also uses a mix of rectangular, circular and square tables and chairs which adds a sense of playfulness to the space. We could go on, but you should go check it out for yourself!


The Design Shop Girls



Images Cred:

Tavern United:

Browns Social House: @brownskildonan

Stellas: Joe Bryska / Winnipeg Free Press

La Roca: John Woods / Winnipeg Free Press

pineridge hollow: @pineridgehollow

Design Details Matter

Oh, hello 2017!

Let's take our minds away from your bitter cold January, and onto warmer thoughts about the brilliant design details of our interior spaces... 

There is nothing more exciting for us than finding innovative, and creative new ways to detail a space. Every project, large or small, presents us with an opportunity to take an exclusive approach to the design detailing within its scope. It could be anything from the design of custom kitchen cabinetry, to the intricacy of how differing materials meet... and everything in between!

Take, for example, this striking (and cozy - for those still warming up!) fireplace design we completed for, custom home builder, Dynasty Homes.  The composition of the four inch wood surround, intersecting with a floating asymmetrical wood hearth, creates a unique approach to the 'heart of the home'.  The material allocations, as well as the colour composition of its surroundings, gives the fireplace the drama it sooo deserves.  We can't get enough of this space!! Grab a coffee, curl up, and close your eyes...  Can you imagine sitting in front of this beauty?

Okay, I know what you're thinking... and YES, you can touch it!  This beautifully detailed banquet has parked itself at the Half Pints Brewing Co. Taproom, where we had the pleasure of being the design team (lucky us!!).  This panelling not only serves as a comfortable place to park yourself, but also adds that extra feature that is unique to this space. The layering of textures and colours gives it a subtle flare that enhances the ambience we set out to achieve.  The wood panelling design, along with the lighting sconces adds to the vibe that is reflected within all of the design details throughout the space. Go have a visit, and grab beer!! You'll be glad you did!

 So... We've had a coffee, enjoyed a beer...  What about grabbing a glass of wine to suit this Mid Century makeover? Detailing can be as subtle as the profile of a baseboard, or as perceptible and dramatic as colour blocking.  In this residential space, we design detailed the sh** (okay, settle down!).. we considered all of the minutiae!  From the clean and simple look of recessing the television into a bold, and black accent wall, to juxtaposing that wall with a neutral, but intricate wallpaper feature.  Don't get us started on the styling of this room... Hot!!

Who says a small space can't have BIG personality? This bathroom proves that!  With the freshness of the monochromatic material selections, the simplicity in the millwork design, as well as the thoughtful lighting selections, this space is bold and beautiful! The placement of fixtures, lighting, and materials are meticulously thought through to make the most impact, without being too fussy.  In this space... size doesn't matter!

Have any questions about what you see?   Or maybe you want to let us know what you think!  We welcome feedback, comments, and questions about anything design or Design Shop related !! Oh, and press the wee heart on your "way out"!!


The Design Shop Girls

Lake Life - A Peek Into Some Cottage Design

 June has arrived we are dreaming about summertime and everything that comes along with it! After this prolonged winter/spring – whatever we want to call it – we can at least start thinking about warmer days, even if we still need to be patient! One of the many things we love about summer days is the lake life. Relaxed, comfortable, sunny + lazy, long days, lying on the dock, counting stars... let's be honest, what’s not to like! The design and aesthetic of a cabin should be just that!

We did some work for friends of ours last summer with a cabin in the Whiteshell area, and they have been working throughout the year to get their place ready for summer! We can’t wait to see their progress!! You’ll sometimes hear quotes like: “there is beauty in simplicity” or similar, which we of course agree with, but it’s getting to that “simplicity” that is much easier said than done! A lot of the time with spaces that feel relaxed and simple, someone put in a lot of thought, time and planning to achieve that carefree atmosphere.

This design in particular was an interesting one. As usual, working with existing conditions meant finding creative ways to ensure the space functioned how the client wanted while still being beautiful! A challenge in this project was their circular (hexagon) floor plate that encompasses their kitchen, dining and family room, not to be overlooked was also the entry which always requires attention. This circular area has beautiful windows facing the lake which is lovely, but added to the challenge as this was a detail we wanted to highlight, not block. The kitchen remained in its original location, but we designed a new layout for the new millwork to revamp the space. The dining area is adjacent to the kitchen for close proximity. Across the “hexagon” is the family room area, with sectional and fireplace. Tucked into the corner is the front entry, which we tucked as far to the side as we could as we did not want it to encroach on the living space. The clients were lucky to have room for a powder room in addition to the main washroom, which is always nice especially for guests. Three healthy sized bedrooms are found on the opposite side of the cottage, in addition to a fourth smaller guest room/office.

A challenge was the column in the centre of the circular living space – it separated the areas in a very definitive way. After pondering this design dilemma, we eventually proposed a custom millwork system anchored by the column to mimic the lines of exterior shell: to be another hexagon with each side serving the function of the area it faced. For example, extra pantry storage by the kitchen, a bar by the dining room, TV with associated equipment storage for the living area and open shelving for books by the fireplace/reading nook. This way we were celebrating the column and reinforcing it as an architectural detail instead of trying to fight with it! Additionally, programming these functions around the center column allowed us to keep the exterior window walls clean and open.

Materials and finishes was also a challenge for a few reasons. Some cottages are not built to be used year round, which can drastically alter which materials are selected. Together with the client, we selected a flooring product that can guarantee withstanding a significant change in temperature.

Another challenge was budget, as a secondary property to our clients, they were understandablyconscious of their costs. IKEA was a great resource for this project as a way to keep costs down. The new kitchen will be IKEA as well as the closet systems in the bedrooms. Side note: we can’t mention an IKEA kitchen without our customary disclaimer. While their pricessometimes can be half of what you would pay elsewhere, or less – anyone who has worked with an IKEA kitchen will know that where you save in money, you pay for in time. IKEA’s “do it yourself” truly comes to play here. Additionally, you are limited to IKEA’s standard sizes, which can sometimes be blamed for

strangely large gaps in your millwork or large filler panels. This is a fair trade off for most people, but not for everyone, and something we always make sure our clients are aware of!!

Furniture placement was again an issue as we did not want to block the beautiful view, and also did not

want to suggest overtly linear or rectangular furniture when the rest of the space screamed hexagon! As we were conscious to not block the windows, we were looking for a sectional with a lower back. We found the perfect sectional for them from furninova – it has an angled portion to again mimic the exterior shape! This may be a “future” investment for another year but we think they’re pretty into it!!

We can’t wait to see this project come to completion. When it is complete, it will feel relaxed and simple which is a perfect example of how much work goes into making a space feel just that way!!

The Design Shop Girls

Cho - Chorito - Chosabi ... a new asian eatery experience.

XxThis past fall Design Shop had the pleasure of working with some exciting new clients – Cho Venevongsa and Tracy Chen, from the Wasabi group. The couple wanted to open a new restaurant concept that focussed on delicious and healthy grab-and-go Asian food. Luckily for us we had been frequenting Wasabi (A. Lot.) and had a common friend who thought we would be a good fit for the business savvy couple - yay for us!!

After meeting with Cho and Tracy and understanding their business strategy, we got straight to work to bring their eatery dreams to design reality! Our goal for Chosabi’s overall brand was to create a fresh and urban look and feel that spoke to our owners personalities and the diversity of the menu to be.  We had to ensure their brand touched every layer of their business and spatial experience. From the logo we created, to the koi fish concept we developed, details on the coffee cups, window vinyls, custom tables, new millwork - each detail was considered for maximum branding impact.

Brilliantly located and with noteworthy neighbours (Bronuts and King + Bannatyne) the new Chosabi space showcased an amazing sightline looking onto the old market square. It was this view we intended to take full advantage of when it came to our space planning and design detailing.We created a window counter seating zone, which provided a comfortable spot to enjoy lunch and watch the hustle and bustle of King Street beyond. Great for solo eats, laptop storage and people watching!

Next, we focussed on our feature wall that looked onto the square. We designed a custom banquette bench that was clad in a bright plaid fabric that framed a neutral, charcoal animal print upholstered seat and back. Seating experience #2!

While researching concept images for the Chosabi design, we found a fantastic inspiration photo of a quirky little restaurant situated in South Africa. In love we fell and we quickly became obsessed with the restaurants mix and match furnishings and large scale, sketch-like cow image that took over the wall. Clearly a cow was an ill fit for Chosabi, but a diving koi fish fit the bill. Once the concept was established, we immediately sought out Pat Lazo – a local graffiti artist to put his brilliant twist and work his magic on the image!

babel restaurant - inspiration photo - chosabi.jpg

We knew we had to include a large family style table as that concept fit with what Cho and Tracy had described (seating experience #3).  We chose an eclectic mix of chairs and stools to bring in a playful touch. All the tables were custom designed and fastened to ornate iron bases for an extra layer of detail. Again playing with scale, we specified 3 oversized black pendants to hover above the large family table anchor the space.

The restaurant space came with exposed concrete flooring which we essentially left untouched with the exception of a sealing treatment. The richness and texture of the floor worked perfectly with Chosabi's fresh/urban concept.The washrooms too have personality but without breaking the bank. We simply wrapped a black accent paint colour from sink wall to ceiling and by pairing it with eclectic lighting and plumbing fixtures.The palette throughout the space remained simple and pure. We used a charcoal / black colour paired with a crisp white to not distract from the other colourful details and mural wall feature.

We called for the ceiling to be dropped in the area opposite the mural and framed in the two large coolers. This detail helps to give the illusion of the equipment was integrated and built in rather than an afterthought and purchased item. We also designed scriptive neon signage (by the Neon Factory) which is specified to be installed above these coolers … This is a detail that is still on Cho’s to do list ;). We can't wait to see these bright lights up!

Finally, over at the kitchen, prep area and guest ordering zone, we called up for a dropped drywall bulkhead to balance the space and provides a delineation between public and private areas. Simple white subway tile along the back wall beyond the order counter provides a crisp and clean point of interest while still respecting the function of that particular area: food preparation.

The front face of the order counter was a custom design detail calling for Russian plywood in varying widths with 1/2" reveals in between. This was a low cost detail with high reward in function and interest. The plywood slats run into our “splurge moment” - a low wall clad in shiny black hex tile for a big time pop. The counter + slat wall detail, which serves the public has a barrier free section that satisfies building code, is seamlessly integrated without screaming barrier free. 

If you haven't popped in yet - make sure you do! 

#chosabi #designshop #interiordesign #exchangedistrict #patlazo

The Design Shop Girls

Lauzon love - hardwood, a mill tour + poutine.

Ooh, This past week Design Shop was lucky enough to be invited by Lauzon and the Floor Show to visit the Lauzon flooring mills in the Papineau region of Quebec. Debbie and I joined a few other designers from Winnipeg and our representatives from the Floor Show, along with others from the industry from Regina and Edmonton. It had been years since I’ve been to Quebec – I quickly remembered how beautiful it is!

The purpose of our trip was to further our understanding of Lauzon’s solid and engineered hardwood flooring. They did a wonderful job of showing us their processes and procedures. We started at their forest (very impressive) and ended at their finishing plant, watching their employee’s box up the floor to be sent off to distributers.

We found it interesting getting a glimpse into how Lauzon understands their each specific consumer and their trend. They can tell you what a client from the west coast might want versus what someone in Ontario prefers. We saw the production of solid wood as well as engineered wood – both from start to finish.

What may be a misconception to some people, or at least it had been for me, was the difference between solid and engineered wood floor. If you were to hold a piece a solid plank against a piece of engineered plank, both same size, they would look and feel identical on the surface. Solid wood floor is just that – 100% wood plank, stained, finished and notched to fit in to each other. Engineered wood floor has a wood surface, but with a plywood/composite backing. In my opinion, as there are with many long standing practices, there is a certain romanticism with the solid wood floor. It feels more authentic, more genuine – and to some people, engineered can seem inferior. 

Conversely, engineered wood has many advantages. Wood flooring products are at the mercy of temperature, as the temperature rises or lowers, a wood floor plank will swell or shrink. Additionally, the wider or longer the plank, the more you will see gaps in between your planks. Even if you were extremely careful to maintain a consistent temperature in your home, the uncontrollable and unpredictable Canadian temperature/humidity level outside your home would still affect your interior finishes.

An engineered wood floor has a plywood/composite backing with an incredible amount of strength. The backing allows engineered flooring to be made in thicker planks and also longer planks. The combination of the backing plus a thinner amount of natural wood on the surface layer allows for much more stability within the plank which means less movement between your planks, as well as a more durable plank in general.

Solid wood floor planks are just not able to achieve these sizes as their installation would result in too much movement (imagine the wood floors you’ve likely seen with big gaps in between the boards that catch on your socks and creak when you walk!) You can typically see the thinner, shorter wood planks in older homes as this was just how they were made at that time. The wood floor market has been shifting in the past few years to wider and longer planks.

There is still a need for both products – the solid wood plank and the engineered wood plank. For me, this trip helped to understand the pros and cons of both type, and recognize what type of project or client would be appropriate for either/or. In general the market is moving towards a preference in engineered floor, but there are still going to be clients who want a solid wood floor for years to come.

Aside from visiting Lauzon’s forest, mills and labs – we got to spend a fair bit of time outside which was wonderful. We hadsome free time to visit the ByWard market in Ottawa on our first day which was very charming. We walked through the wind to the Parliament building and stopped for a drink at a nearby pub to warm up! We stayed in the beautiful Fairmont Chateau Montebello which was a design inspiration in itself. It felt very Canadiana, traditional in the best way and so cozy! Probably the best part about the Montebello Fairmont, aside from the amazing central fireplace, was the resident dog named Monte. Monte “worked” at the hotel on Mondays and Fridays … needless to say we were smitten. We even met some chickens and a pot belly pig! The rest of our time was well misspent eating and drinking in good company– we were treated very well by our generous hosts and ate way too much cheese and chocolate.

We came back home feeling grateful, refreshed and inspired … we have some exciting ideas for upcoming projects!! Until next time !

The Design Shop Girls



It's been established that the most involved, expensive and impactful renovations for the home is the kitchen. But, today bathrooms are considered a close second when it comes to investment, value and adding "personality power" to a home.

What do we mean by "personality power"? Let's discuss what a "theme" is (btw, we loathe that word!!). Regardless for the following - the term theme is more appropriate. Typically a theme is an idea supported by superficial elements (applique details - that tend to be more literal in nature), ie: a colourful seashell on the wall for an "aquatic" feeling space, complete with coordinating, towels, accessories and shower curtain (yikes!!). For a design to be impactful, the theme should just behave as an inspirational starting  place. 

Today, the relevance of the bathroom as a valuable space in the home has heightened. The bathroom is one of the few places in a home where one can find personal sanctuary, a space to collect, rejuvenate for the next day or contemplate days end. It is also a space when updated it adds substantial value to ones home.

All photos below were found on Pinterest...

The Vision - Before purchasing or selecting materials and fixtures, it's best to brainstorm the bigger picture; the full design vision (strategy). Form should follow function in this utilitarian space and the bathroom reno should allow for a variety of tasks to be performed. The bathroom must be multi-functional (bathing, showering, shaving, storage, putting on makeup, reading, etc, etc.).

Your Flooring – Nowadays, there is a plethora of price conscience options that can provide visual impact, so take time with this decision. Tile comes in so many textures, colours, format sizes, insert options, blah, blah -  it can be hard to choose (oh, and don't forget floor warming options!), Luxury vinyl tile, luxury vinyl blank, mini glass tile, concrete, etc are all looks that can be quite fab in your new bathroom space. 

The Vanity – There are really only three or four surfaces to design in this space, so we suggest making a statement with the vanity... it's often a prime focal point in bathrooms. Cabinets (vanity, storage, floating shelves) can be made in or a combination of any material imaginable- wood, glass, stainless steel, laminate, granite, quartz, lumicor, corian, melamine, and on and on... 

And then the Sinks – vessel sinks have been trendy to the "DIY-ers". These come in all shapes and sizes, a variety of materials (glass, stone, porcelain, and metals to name a few). Vessel sinks are functional, add visual interest... but note they CAN be a wee trickier to clean.  

Steamy Showers- multiple showerheads are all the rage! Sprays that massage or pulsating. Install multiples and play with their placement and height. But, don't forget, the more shower heads use "need", the larger the hot water tank required to support!. 

Aaaah, the Tub- Jetted tubs or ones with air massagers are a brilliant addition to the bathing experience! Many tubs can have the option of a heated liner, or speed pumps which are great when there are multiple users. Personalize it more... add a stereo system, TV or chromatherapy! 

La Toilette (or is that "Le"???) - check out the new modern and contemporary shapes rather than opting for a color. Consider automatic flush features, remote control bidets that feature a quick button flush on the wall - these help minimize water consumption!

Lighting - Space Jewellery! – Lighting fixtures are always at the forefront of design. Statements are being made everyday with a mixture of lighting sources. Don't forget about those multiple tasks that take place in this space! Lighting sources, value, etc. is imperative to functioning properly in the bathroom.

Like this post? Don't like it? Let us know... we welcome feedback, comments, questions and then some about the above anything design or Design Shop related !! Oh, and press the wee heart on your "way out"!! 

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Its true, size does matter...

Bigger isn't always better, but knowing how to "use it" is absolutely key!

The following are some fun examples of designers playing with scale, proportion and with multiples to create drama and some serious interior interest...  (all photos found on pinterest).

starting off with something pink - shocking, we know! damaske prints and wallpapers have been in our hearts for some time now, but check out this larger than life pattern size! we j'adore how this huge, yet pretty, pink print has been paired with slim, petite and rustic inspired furniture pieces. #contrast #justapose

starting off with something pink - shocking, we know! damaske prints and wallpapers have been in our hearts for some time now, but check out this larger than life pattern size! we j'adore how this huge, yet pretty, pink print has been paired with slim, petite and rustic inspired furniture pieces. #contrast #justapose

white space...  purposefully placed + scaled to suit, this  print (or lack there of) anchors this low profile bed. remove the big guy from the wall and the space will darken dramatically. #trickswithprints                                                                                                                                                                                                        

white space...  purposefully placed + scaled to suit, this  print (or lack there of) anchors this low profile bed. remove the big guy from the wall and the space will darken dramatically. #trickswithprints                                                                                                                                                                                                        

clusters, groupings, multiples, whatever you want to call this lighting story... we especially like how the scale of these black and gold fixtures together equal the width of the table below! lighting isn't always an accent...

clusters, groupings, multiples, whatever you want to call this lighting story... we especially like how the scale of these black and gold fixtures together equal the width of the table below! lighting isn't always an accent...

curb appeal. big, bold numbers let you know exactly where to go and act as this cafe's landmark and beacon. note the photo bombers beyond !!

curb appeal. big, bold numbers let you know exactly where to go and act as this cafe's landmark and beacon. note the photo bombers beyond !!

bar star. signage that is so pronounced and bedazzling you barely notice the lack of investment in the actual bar back!  over compensate much? #designbehaviorismatitsbest

bar star. signage that is so pronounced and bedazzling you barely notice the lack of investment in the actual bar back!  over compensate much? #designbehaviorismatitsbest

Have a scale related comment or image to share with us - go for it, leave a comment!! Share-sies are always welcome here.

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