As the year end is quickly approaching (tomorrow - yikes!!), we cannot help but reflect on the past year, the time we have spent together as Design Shop Interior Design and as friends!! The following are 10 of our favorite and / or milestone moments we experienced in 2014. In no particular order, with the exception of #1...

Happy New Year everyone!!


TEN - In The News. Design Shop filmed 12 episodes  for CTV Winnipeg's "Help for your Home" . The segments focused on various residential design related topics. Segments covered some of Design Shop's  full renovation projects, smaller boutique hotel inspired bathroom spaces, staging + styling and showcased some of the latest + greatest products Winnipeggers can find here locally!! Oh, and one of our segments is airing this Friday - so tune in!!

NINE - Product Knowledge. DS  founders and principals Debbie Golub +  Amanda Minuk were invited to attended  IIDEX 2014 in Toronto this past November. Mingling, shmoozing + copious amounts of product knowledge took place!!
Big thanks again to Levey Industries  for the good times + up close and personal introduction your amazing furniture line SIXINCH (soooo fricking cool)!!

EIGHT - Disconnect to Reconnect. Design Shop was hired to be the prime consultant for the interior design, interior branding +  buildout of Float.Calm; Winnipeg's first and largest storefront flotation centre. Looking to recharge in the new year??  Seek out this cathartic retreat at 337C Pembina Hwy! #you'rewelcome #floatcalm

SEVEN - HGTV's Buy It, Fix It, Sell It. Super fun times were had with the crew #BIFISI and Joe + Mike Wolchock, the Neon Brothers. Design Shop was brought on by HGTV to be contributors for 2 episodes that will be airing spring 2015. Don't worry, we will be tweeting, facebook-ing, instagramming, google+ing updates as the air dates approach !!

SIX - All work and no play. NOT. We had an awesome time doing what will now be an annual event... creating quirky, playful, holiday cards!! #girlsgonewild

photography by Gary Barringer

FIVE - Furniture to die for. In 2011 Debs attended the IMM Cologne design show in Germany and fell deeply in love with S.O.U.L furniture + accessories by Furninova. Design Shop, the furniture saavy team that they are May or May Not have had something to do with S.O.U.L  finding a home here in Winnipeg!! Visit Wicker World to test run this amazing product line of restored, swedish inspired pieces furnishings. #youwontregretit

FOUR - "Secret Projects". Believe us we want to gush about them too, but at this point we cannot!! All we can say at this point is that we have been plugging away at a few goodies. Be on the lookout for updates and photos in fall 2015!!

THREE - Oldies but goodies + newbies too. We are grateful for all the new connections (Hi guru business coach Ben Hopper!!), collaborations and client, builder / contractor relationships we have made this past year. We are also super blessed to have had so many of our past relationships stay in touch with our new adventures as Design Shop. Thank you to you all for looking out for us!!

TWO - IMM Cologne 2015. Technically this will happen next year, but was "planned" in 2014. Design Shop has been invited to attend the furniture + showroom design expo in Cologne Germany. Hello inspiration and staying on our design toes!!

ONE - Growth. We are uber pleased about the new additions to Design Shop!!  This year, we welcomed 3 new members... Melanie Dupuis (Interior Designer), Natasha Bargen (Interior Designer) + Fluffy Pom Pom our furry companion (Sample Room Manager). Please check out our "Then Comes Us"  section to get to know us better! #goalsetting #resolutions

The Design Shop Girls