Shepping Nachas - yes, we brag :) !!

Design Shop likes to 'shepp nachas'.
But, only dish it out when deserved - and this is one of those moments !!

One of our favorite local contracting companies deserves a special 'toot, toot' !!
Tractus Projects, principal, owner and clearly brain child (man), Jaret Horbatiuk shows Winnipeg exactly what it means to think outside the box, be inventive + problem solve like a mofo !! Frozen pipes, thaw water, no problem. Tractus Projects is on it - good luck guys, it's going to be a fun spring ride !!

Proud to work with Tractus Projects...

** Design Shop principals / girls, Debbie Golub + Amanda Minuk have both worked with the Tractus team on a handful of restaurant + commercial interior design projects and have a couple new goodies currently on the go...

The Design Shop Girls