Brand junkies, we are indeed!!

How does a brand influence people?! A loaded question, to say the least, but we are going to attempt to dive right into it.

To begin with, we need to briefly discuss what a brand is. A brand is essentially ones company identity, vision + mission all mushed together. It manifests itself physically, psychologically, visually, acoustically and so on. A strong brand carries consistent messages and can tell a story. It has the ability to tap into your memory formation and make a lasting impression and respectively receive a life time commitment from others. 

Typically, when one thinks about the concept of branding, images of logos or words to tag lines come to mind. Although a logo as is its tag are important components to saying who 'you' are, your brand goes way beyond those layers.  If created and maintained well, a brand will make it's way (and should) into every part of your company's being. It becomes visceral.

So, how does this happen?!

Treat a brand like a thesis statement, the claim you make in the first paragraph you write in a paper. When writing, all the information you gather and research you've done is filtered by the thesis statement. Does it support the message you want to convey? Or, does it negate your thought process? Every time a decision is made, be it how the 'front of the house' of a business, the staff in a hotel, restaurant or retail environment behave and treat clients, should run through the critical filter of the brand identity. Am 'I' formal, poised and accommodating? Or, am 'I' fiesty, casual and good at winging it. Your brand will tell you what you are.

Your service, product or space... Again, does it reinforce and stay in line with your identity,  or does it communicate a different message and confuse your users and customer base? Continuity is the key !!

Design Shop is passionate about branding. We understand and respect the power behind it, but also make it our mission to use it responsibly and educate our clients on all layers of brand we design for them. It's not enough to have it created, one needs to understand what the branded layers mean, how to implement and maintain them so the 'story' isn't lost or miscommunicated.

When working on a commercial space, we deconstruct the company's identity, then translate key messages into the built environment. It is our job to ensure that when your client/customer walks into your space it screams 'you'. We analyze the function of your space down to the most minute of details. How will your customer enter your space? What is that they first see, feel, experience, etc.? Where can we add impact? 

The following is one of our favorite snack branded environments... Love cupcakes (who doesn't) ? Sprinkles Cupcakes is a great example of a company who knows their stuff and who they are! Their brand has successfully been translated it's into every inch of their space. Their interiors are inviting, clean lined, bright and playful. They and their designer ;) perfected the introduction of little details to create large impact, drama and they know how to suck you in and more importantly keep coming back! Their cupcake displays are not only functional, but so visually appealing, they have become almost iconic - like to who they are. Display = Sprinkles Cupcakes... Pretty much carrying the power of a logo.  Sprinkles hasn't missed a beat. Their exterior facade and storefront,  menus, website, stickers, bags and logo all speak their brand language. 

Do you get the message? We do! Come brand with us :) !

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