It's so early in our blogging career and already we feel like product pushers - buuut, we guess that's better than the "other" sort of pusher. Nonetheless, when you see a good thing, you can't help but want to share, gush and pray that a client is on board and invites you to experiment with a finish as provocative as Jamie Beckwith's flooring line. It's that faboo - we swear !!

Design shop often specifies wood in our projects because it brings a natural, warm element to our interior spaces.  However, we are often limited by more traditional formats, like planks, albeit differing in thicknesses, lengths, texture, et.  Don't get us wrong, we constantly work with our vendors and reps to challenge install applications to be "revolutionary" and uber original, but sometimes you need that little something extra special to communicate a stronger design statement.

Beckwith has created The Enigma® flooring collection that redefines hardwood flooring. The collection offers consumers and designers custom wood flooring designs that are like no other. There are 16 patterns that can be installed both on walls and as a flooring surface. You can mix and match colours and patterns, or even use it as an insert detail within a field, more traditional plank floor application.

Quite frankly, we at Design Shop would use it on almost any surface given the opportunity to do so. A bar front, a head board detail, a bulkhead, an "rug" insert, create a ceiling to floor, to wall waterfall detail - you get the picture !!  Check out Jamie's site and you will immediately know why our minds are going wild with ideas... http://jamiebeckwithcollection.com/collections/enigma/?type=floor

Also, it is exclusively available here in Winnipeg at the Floor Show on Waverly !! http://www.thefloorshow.ca/

The Design Shop Girls