We love those tv shows too, those fancy, glossy magazine ads, the online articles about the latest and greatest, must go to, must be seen at, heard gossiping while dining and sipping a cocktail or 10 at blah, blah, blah's newest destination. But, before the opening launch happens there are a 'few' steps and design considerations one should make. At least we think so...

EVERYONE expects good food - that's a given.  But, what else can you bring to the proverbial table?

Customers expect, need + want more from your dining establishment  - above all, customers want a total dining experience. To 'survive' you need to deliver on all fronts. Distinguishing yourself (your business) through design is a great way to add value to your restaurant equity and create a unique dining experience that only YOU can offer.

The following are a few design "must haves" to get you off on the right foot...

Tell a story. Your story...
Have your designer work with you at  ONSET to discuss and fine tune your vision.
**Brainstorm and get to know the ''meat + potatoes" of  your brand and identity. No pun intended.

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** create a logo. This takes time and allow for it. It's an investment piece that should have the lifespan that you expect your business to. Tweaks always happen throughout the years, and that's ok, but the essence and key features opt to remain.
Your branded identity will not only create interest and a following, but should be memorable  and easy to recognize. Once this happens- you are golden.

Speaking of golden, think -  The Golden Arches of McDonalds,  it doesn't matter what country you are from, what language you speak, which god you pray to... You know the 'arches' !!
Or, the poised green mermaid of Starbucks. We've seen her in Taiwan, Israel, Turkey...she's an iconic landmark for many.

Similarly, the clean, seamless image of the stemless wine glass of Joey's restaurants makes an embedded impression to be remembered. There is no confusing that logo with its 'brother / rival' company Earl's.

you can often find Design Shop Inc. working at Joeys Kenaston #satellite #office #networking

you can often find Design Shop Inc. working at Joeys Kenaston #satellite #office #networking

When creating your logo, think critically, deliberate with your designer - make sure your logo is representing your brand (vision, mission + identity).  Ensure the brand is executed consistently throughout the interior too - there is nothing worse than the disappointment of walking into a space that doesn't meet your expectations.

Ok - This is getting longer than expected and there are photos to follow...  Check in again when we deconstruct, explore and materialize - oooh, the buzz words, the practice of translating your identity into the interior space !! We love branding !!

Rival #restaurant to Joey

Rival #restaurant to Joey

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