Dezeen online magazine has just published a new article on Philip Starck's new furniture line called: TOGS. Togs by concept, removes the idea of trend from the furniture selection process. All pieces are about you, not what is the latest and greatest and in theory customisable to suit.

"TOG creative-team designs the piece of furniture; the company produces it. At this stage the client has the freedom to enjoy the distinguished design piece naked - as proposed by the company - or has a large range of choices, in house, in store or online to create their own personal mix of forms and colours through a large and various platform of possibilities. TOG enables its clientele to create a one off object according to their desires through photos printed on or through interventions of a wide range of selected artists and artisans." dezeen magazine 2014

San Jon by Phillip Starck

San Jon by Phillip Starck

Yay or nay on the collection. Let us know your thoughts... Is there too many options? Too flexible? How would these choices affect your selection process? Let us know your ramblings... comment below !!

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