Today, we’re taking a break from dispensing design tips to talk about something very real and important. The hazards of working with your body.

The thing about being an interior designer is that it’s not all cocktail parties and paint swatches. There’s a lot of real, hard, down-in-the-dirt, nitty-gritty, manicure-ruining, stiletto-heel-breaking, sweat-spewing physical labor involved.

You think we’re kidding? Here’s just one example of how the body is just as much a tool as our measuring tape in this industry:

At our wee statures, just last week we were left to stage a home with what felt like a 1-tonne couch in it, entirely by ourselves. We did like the experts always say to do; plant my feet hip-width apart, bend from the knees, keeping the back straight, and move slowly. SUCCESS! (See below... looks pretty alright, eh?)

couch: EQ3 space: award-winning show-home by Trikor Builders

couch: EQ3
space: award-winning show-home by Trikor Builders

However, the celebration didn’t last long. Not more than a few hours later, the pain began in my lower back, inching up toward my neck, and then somehow wrapping itself around my shoulders. That evening, I had a consult booked that I was really looking forward to, and yet I was rendered completely immobile, with my feet up on the couch, a tea in my hand, and a tiny voice inside my head whispering… “Debbie, youuuu iiiidiot.”

Enter my new all-time favorite product. Like, on the entire planet. It’s called MuscleCare and it comes in an ointment and a roll-on. It’s a topical, all-natural, doctor designed and developed product that was created to eliminate pain, without any risk at all to the user. Best part? Unlike all of the other creams and gels that say they’ll help with pain, and we've tried our fair share (hehe), this one doesn’t have you smelling like a tube of toothpaste all afternoon. In fact, the smell, although minty, was quite fresh and pleasant.

I used the roll-on, and boy did I roll it on. Lower back, shoulders, neck? I covered some good surface area with that thing. Once I felt well enough to get off the couch, I proceeded to do some stretching. Just light stretching, nothing strenuous, and proceeded to hit the showers and gussy up for my meeting.

I have encountered muscle pain before, and I will likely continue to encounter it throughout the course of my career as an interior designer. Whether it’s sitting at a computer all day, getting down on the floor laying out sketches, lifting area rugs to sample the texture, or even catching a midday yoga class to clear my head in between projects, my body will always be apart of what I do. Not unlike a pro-athlete, body-builder, construction professional, or any other kind of professional that relies on the fitness and flexibility of the body, interior designers must take care physically in order to take care of business.

Have a fun, fit, fabulous and pain-free Friday!


The Design Shop Girls