Waaaaay long overdo blog post...

We suck, know it, but promise that our lack of blogging and blurb-aries have not been without good reason or distraction with positive + constructive Design Shop business "building".

Spring + summer has been busy, busy. Project wise we have been growing both in both our commercial and residential folios, our networking leads have been uber supportive, we've dove deep into product knowledge development sessions (hanstone, kaycan, johnsonite, timberstone, etc, etc), pro bono work has kept us real and of course our latest and greatest news... we added a designer to our Design Shop team - Melanie Dupuis (aka: Mel, Mellie).

Ok, maybe she has been with us since early June - but,  again we haven't had the opportunity to "blog share" the news!!

Here we are!! From left to right... Amanda Minuk, principal and co-owner, Debbie Golub, principal and co-owner + Miss Mel... Seasoned and senior Interior Designer.

Trouble? Maybe a wee bit... Combined mad skills? Indeed.

Trouble? Maybe a wee bit... Combined mad skills? Indeed.

Melanie is a B.I.D. (Bachelor of Interior Design) graduate of the University of Manitoba. She is also LEED ap certified and is our only team member to bring said skill set to the Design Shop group. Lucky girls we are. #gogreen #leadpoints

Mellie graduated with top notch marks and was immediately sought after in the work place (but, after living in Japan for a year - how cool is that?) Melanie worked with Synyshyn Architecture for 5 plus/minus years focusing mainly on commercial projects; ranging in office design, health care, retail and then some. After scooting off again for a healthy stint of travel over in South East Asia (yes, we be jealous), she continued to build her design portfolio and expanded it into everything residential...  full scope new builds, renovations to creating innovative and custom details that are magazine worthy. Now she is ours (figuratively speaking) and her transition into our team has been seamless and pretty amaze-balls.

Please welcome our number 3, Mel Dupuis! Hey, that rhymed...

The Design Shop Girls