It's been established that the most involved, expensive and impactful renovations for the home is the kitchen. But, today bathrooms are considered a close second when it comes to investment, value and adding "personality power" to a home.

What do we mean by "personality power"? Let's discuss what a "theme" is (btw, we loathe that word!!). Regardless for the following - the term theme is more appropriate. Typically a theme is an idea supported by superficial elements (applique details - that tend to be more literal in nature), ie: a colourful seashell on the wall for an "aquatic" feeling space, complete with coordinating, towels, accessories and shower curtain (yikes!!). For a design to be impactful, the theme should just behave as an inspirational starting  place. 

Today, the relevance of the bathroom as a valuable space in the home has heightened. The bathroom is one of the few places in a home where one can find personal sanctuary, a space to collect, rejuvenate for the next day or contemplate days end. It is also a space when updated it adds substantial value to ones home.

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The Vision - Before purchasing or selecting materials and fixtures, it's best to brainstorm the bigger picture; the full design vision (strategy). Form should follow function in this utilitarian space and the bathroom reno should allow for a variety of tasks to be performed. The bathroom must be multi-functional (bathing, showering, shaving, storage, putting on makeup, reading, etc, etc.).

Your Flooring – Nowadays, there is a plethora of price conscience options that can provide visual impact, so take time with this decision. Tile comes in so many textures, colours, format sizes, insert options, blah, blah -  it can be hard to choose (oh, and don't forget floor warming options!), Luxury vinyl tile, luxury vinyl blank, mini glass tile, concrete, etc are all looks that can be quite fab in your new bathroom space. 

The Vanity – There are really only three or four surfaces to design in this space, so we suggest making a statement with the vanity... it's often a prime focal point in bathrooms. Cabinets (vanity, storage, floating shelves) can be made in or a combination of any material imaginable- wood, glass, stainless steel, laminate, granite, quartz, lumicor, corian, melamine, and on and on... 

And then the Sinks – vessel sinks have been trendy to the "DIY-ers". These come in all shapes and sizes, a variety of materials (glass, stone, porcelain, and metals to name a few). Vessel sinks are functional, add visual interest... but note they CAN be a wee trickier to clean.  

Steamy Showers- multiple showerheads are all the rage! Sprays that massage or pulsating. Install multiples and play with their placement and height. But, don't forget, the more shower heads use "need", the larger the hot water tank required to support!. 

Aaaah, the Tub- Jetted tubs or ones with air massagers are a brilliant addition to the bathing experience! Many tubs can have the option of a heated liner, or speed pumps which are great when there are multiple users. Personalize it more... add a stereo system, TV or chromatherapy! 

La Toilette (or is that "Le"???) - check out the new modern and contemporary shapes rather than opting for a color. Consider automatic flush features, remote control bidets that feature a quick button flush on the wall - these help minimize water consumption!

Lighting - Space Jewellery! – Lighting fixtures are always at the forefront of design. Statements are being made everyday with a mixture of lighting sources. Don't forget about those multiple tasks that take place in this space! Lighting sources, value, etc. is imperative to functioning properly in the bathroom.

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