Design Details Matter

Oh, hello 2017!

Let's take our minds away from your bitter cold January, and onto warmer thoughts about the brilliant design details of our interior spaces... 

There is nothing more exciting for us than finding innovative, and creative new ways to detail a space. Every project, large or small, presents us with an opportunity to take an exclusive approach to the design detailing within its scope. It could be anything from the design of custom kitchen cabinetry, to the intricacy of how differing materials meet... and everything in between!

Take, for example, this striking (and cozy - for those still warming up!) fireplace design we completed for, custom home builder, Dynasty Homes.  The composition of the four inch wood surround, intersecting with a floating asymmetrical wood hearth, creates a unique approach to the 'heart of the home'.  The material allocations, as well as the colour composition of its surroundings, gives the fireplace the drama it sooo deserves.  We can't get enough of this space!! Grab a coffee, curl up, and close your eyes...  Can you imagine sitting in front of this beauty?

Okay, I know what you're thinking... and YES, you can touch it!  This beautifully detailed banquet has parked itself at the Half Pints Brewing Co. Taproom, where we had the pleasure of being the design team (lucky us!!).  This panelling not only serves as a comfortable place to park yourself, but also adds that extra feature that is unique to this space. The layering of textures and colours gives it a subtle flare that enhances the ambience we set out to achieve.  The wood panelling design, along with the lighting sconces adds to the vibe that is reflected within all of the design details throughout the space. Go have a visit, and grab beer!! You'll be glad you did!

 So... We've had a coffee, enjoyed a beer...  What about grabbing a glass of wine to suit this Mid Century makeover? Detailing can be as subtle as the profile of a baseboard, or as perceptible and dramatic as colour blocking.  In this residential space, we design detailed the sh** (okay, settle down!).. we considered all of the minutiae!  From the clean and simple look of recessing the television into a bold, and black accent wall, to juxtaposing that wall with a neutral, but intricate wallpaper feature.  Don't get us started on the styling of this room... Hot!!

Who says a small space can't have BIG personality? This bathroom proves that!  With the freshness of the monochromatic material selections, the simplicity in the millwork design, as well as the thoughtful lighting selections, this space is bold and beautiful! The placement of fixtures, lighting, and materials are meticulously thought through to make the most impact, without being too fussy.  In this space... size doesn't matter!

Have any questions about what you see?   Or maybe you want to let us know what you think!  We welcome feedback, comments, and questions about anything design or Design Shop related !! Oh, and press the wee heart on your "way out"!!


The Design Shop Girls