Patio Hoppin' - Top 5 Patios in Winnipeg (according to us !!)

Patio season is here! I repeat! Patio season is here!!!

To say that we are excited for summer is an understatement. We are E-C-S-T-A-T-I-C. In preparation for Winnipeg's +30C days that are surely coming our way, we wanted to share some of our favourite outdoor patios with you! Our picks not only serve up amazing food and yummy cocktails, but they also have interesting design features that make each space special!


Tavern United MTS Centre – Rooftop Patio

345 Graham Ave, Winnipeg, MB

We couldn't write a blog post about Winnipeg patios without including Tavern Roof Top, located in Downtown Winnipeg. Situated among bright red umbrellas, the patio includes a mix of soft seating for those who wish to kick back and relax, as well as communal seating which may accommodate larger groups. For those who to wish to engage in a more intimate setting, bar top tables are located along the perimeter of the patio which allow small groups to chat and enjoy the view...and a drink or two. There is definitely something for everyone on this patio!


Browns Social House (Kildonan Green)

207-1750 Plessis Road, Winnipeg, MB


Brown's Social House in Kildonan Green has a modest sized outdoor dining space with lots of personality! Keeping the Social House concept ablaze, (see what I did there?) the patio includes a stunning outdoor fire place surrounded by soft patio seating to create a cozy atmosphere. We especially love the integration of quirky design details which add pops of excitement throughout the space. Whether it is the red/printed throw cushions against the neutral patio furniture, or the “beer garden” sign surrounded by Edison bulbs – these design features add a sense of liveliness within this social space.


Stella's Sherbrook

116 Sherbrook St

Joe Bryska / Winnipeg Free Press

It was so incredibly hard to for us to decide which one of Stella's patios to include here. However, we decided to gush over the Stella's Sherbrook patio for its chic, urban atmosphere. The outdoor dining space is tucked between the restaurant and adjacent business, using the street art painted on the exterior wall as a point of interest. To balance the ruggedness created by the exterior wall materials, the patio is beautifully landscaped with climbing vines which also compliment the delicate, art nouveau-esque bistro furniture. This composition makes us feel as though we are dining in the streets of Paris! So so cute!


La Roca

155 Smith St, Winnipeg, MB

John Woods / Winnipeg Free Press

Let us tell you something about La Roca. They have a two level patio. Yeah, you read that right. Two. Level. Patio. Not only do we love the fact that you can dine outside on the ground floor or on the roof top – we also love the simplicity of the design of these spaces and how well they blend with the adjacent architecture. Among the glazing and steel which make up the neighboring buildings, La Roca's patio surrounds patrons in warm wood tones as well as ornamental planters which bring pops of nature into the urban dining space. The patio is neatly lined with Edison bulb string lights – creating a “back yard” feel in the middle of downtown Winnipeg. We can't get enough of this space!


Pineridge Hollow

67086 Heatherdale Rd 25E, Oakbank, MB


Even though this patio is technically located outside of city limits, we had to include it on our list anyways! We love everything about the design of Pineridge Hollow's restaurant - so its not surprising that their outdoor dining space is just as noteworthy. What is interesting about the patio at Pineridge Hollow is that it uses material direction as its primary means of composing the space – rather than texture or pops of colour. For example, the two most dominant design features - the pergola and the patio floor boards runs opposite directions of each other. This design feature creates a sense of dynamism without being to overwhelming. The partition which separates the patio from the rest of the property is composed of a lattice structure which brings both visual interest to the space while providing privacy for the restaurant patrons. The patio also uses a mix of rectangular, circular and square tables and chairs which adds a sense of playfulness to the space. We could go on, but you should go check it out for yourself!


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Stellas: Joe Bryska / Winnipeg Free Press

La Roca: John Woods / Winnipeg Free Press

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