337C Pembina Hwy, Winnipeg, MB.

There’s nothing more challenging than being a part of introducing a new business concept with a design concept that screams, “YES – this is definitely something I’m going to like!” The concept was to create an environment that was visually appealing, brand cohesive, and functional from the ground up. Float.Calm provides a treat for the senses promoting health and wellness in the form of a "Sensory Deprivation Centre".

To understand the construction needs of a Floatation Centre is to understand the corrosiveness of SALT and the invasiveness of SOUND!  A sensory deprivation experience is creating a space void of all sight and sound – a bit of a design oxymoron!

Floating is also a very introspective, private experience and the design needed to incorporate certain safety and privacy considerations.  The large, feature sliding barn door acts as the barrier between the common area and the private float areas. The space was designed so that the guest is very gradually taken from light to darkness, from sound to quiet, from public to private then back again. People need to feel safe exploring new and different versions of themselves so the space needed to incorporate elements of comfort, ease and inspiration.  Design Shop helped achieve this by creating our chill area which includes our chalkboard wall inviting creativity, hand etched wood with inspirational quotes throughout, and our barn door which reads "You Are Loved" on your way out.  With claustrophobia being the biggest concern for most guests, we needed to create a space that made small feel grandiose, dark feel embracing and silence feel calming.