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 Our Passion



In every project, we work to tell the story of our clients in a unique and strategic way through Interior Design.

We are passionate about people, creative problem solving and business. We notice how people behave, dream, work and interact within a space – making sure every environment we design works for the way people engage.

We love challenging and pushing the boundaries with each of our projects – but we never lose sight of the specific intent, goals, and desires of our clients.

Our Story


Founded by Debbie Golub and Amanda Minuk, Design Shop was created as an alternative to traditional interior design studios with a focus on avant garde design and pushing traditional boundaries.

Since the very beginning, Design Shop has done things differently, and we’ve quickly made a name for ourselves in the Winnipeg design scene.

We always work collaboratively and each member of our team plays a role in carrying out our projects. Our life and educational experiences have shaped us as designers who have empathy, vision, and confidence.

We see ourselves as both creative risk takers and innovators while also being pragmatic and maintaining a high level of professionalism while leading projects as prime consultants with architects, engineers and contractors.

Our goal is to always make sure that each of our clients feel seen, valued, and heard.

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We structure our work around the following principles, making sure that we maintain consistency in the high level of relationship building and service that we offer our clients.



We work to design for the way people behave and interact within their spaces and we incorporate interior branding for cohesion and fluidity. We approach each new space that we design with an effort to tell each client’s story.




You are important to us and we want to create alongside you to provide a smooth, memorable, and fun experience. We always opt for an attitude of collaboration with every client that we work with.



Know the rules then break the rules

We have many years of combined experience as both designers and project managers and can provide knowledge and insight into your entire project. Our combined experiences allow us to know which rules to keep and which to break.

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