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Design Shop has over 40 years combined experience in the field of Interior Design; specializing in residential and commercial spaces and compliments them with graphic, identity and brand development. We have worked on a large range of projects in both scope size and budget—from new home builds, renovations and additions in our residential portfolio, and office spaces, spas, retail and restaurant environments in our commercial folio.

Amanda Minuk Winnipeg Interior Designer


Principal + Owner


unassuming, loves pink


Amanda Minuk graduated on the Dean’s Honour List with a Bachelor of Environmental Design, majoring in Interior Design from the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Manitoba in 2009. With ten years experience in a firm setting under her belt, she has overseen many projects from start to finish. Amanda has acted as a client liaison, a project lead and prime consultant, and knows the ins and outs of coordinating with architects, mechanical, electrical and structural engineers.

Amanda is a NCIDQ (National Council for Interior Design Qualification) candidate and has a keen eye for detail. She knows how to spin sweet jams (because she used to be a DJ), embraces challenges and has a passion for design, dogs and dance parties. Amanda is quirky and confident yet unassuming.


“Good enough is never good enough”
Marcella Eaton


Debbie Golub Winnipeg Interior Design


Principal + Owner

BA, B.ENV.D, M.I.D (incomplete)

cheeky, loves twizzlers


From 1999-2001, Debbie Golub maintained grades worthy of the Dean’s Honour List while completing her degree in Environmental Design from the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Manitoba. After completing her degree, Debbie spent two years studying for her Masters of Interior Design and left her hometown (again) to peruse her curiosity of the world cultures. She lived and worked in Taipei, Taiwan teaching English, appearing in commercials and traveling to surrounding countries for a number of years before returning home to Winnipeg.

Debbie brings over 15 years of experience and expertise working in the field of Interior Design and has won multiple awards for academic excellence. She is highly organized, is a self proclaimed “brand junkie” and can throw a mean fast ball. Debbie is professional, resourceful and pro-active. She is what some may call a “firecracker”.


“You have to redefine what you do every time you do a job” 
                                                                    Fabio Ongarato


Melanie Dupuis Winnipeg



foodie , loves diy


Melanie graduated her Bachelor of Interior Design with top notch marks and was immediately sought after in the work place by noteworthy interdisciplinary firms. After spending a year teaching and designing (crazy cool) overseas in Japan, Melanie then joined the crew over at Synyshyn Architecture for 5 plus/minus years. There she primarily focussed on commercial works; office design, health care, retail and then some. 

After scooting off again for another travel stint over in South East Asia - yes, we be jealous, she continued to build her design portfolio and expanded it into everything residential and DIY.

"By coming in here, you agree to a certain behaviour", Mink said.
"What behaviour?" "Room behaviour."  
                                                                  – Don DeLillo, White Noise

Natasha Bargen Winnipeg



blondie, loves m&m's


Born and raised in the Wolseley area of Winnipeg MB, Natasha developed an intrinsic flare and keen eye for design at an early age.

Upon graduating from the University of Manitoba with a degree in Environmental Design, Natasha quickly submerged herself in the industry. From freelance work at various firms, designing layout & displays at IKEA and working on production design teams for film and TV (check out: TriStar Pictures' HEAVEN IS FOR REAL starring Greg Kinnear and SUNNYSIDE, a series filmed in Winnipeg), she hasn't stopped working since the moment graduation said "GO"!

A seasoned traveller, Natasha has spent time in Australia, Thailand, a handful plus countries in Europe and many cities across North America; and with that brings cultural awareness, empathy and global perspective into everything she does.

Notably, Natasha also has an affinity for kittens, has a natural fear of snakes and enjoys lazy Sundays.

“We create the reality in which we live”
                                       – James Turrell


Sheila Yong Winnipeg



saucy pants + loves dogs


Born and raised in Borneo Malaysia, Sheila moved to Winnipeg in 2007 to pursue her Bachelor of Environmental Design at the University of Manitoba. Following her graduation, Sheila travelled to South East Asia, Eastern and Western Europe while completing freelance design work along the way! Some of her favourite cities are Sofia, Budapest, Yangon and of course her home-city, Kuching. Bosnia is one of her top picks too – she thinks it’s a stunning country with beautiful people (literally), sights, and history.

Sheila brings five years of experience working in a firm setting, and has worked on a variety of projects ranging from residential to corporate design. Sheila is incredibly organized, hard-working and can light up a room with her up-beat, saucy personality.

If Sheila isn't at home or working towards her next half marathon (she's completed four!!), you can find her at the dog park, taking care of her doggo, Peanuts. Sheila is also a volunteer foster with Manitoba Underdogs Rescue, enjoys a good beer and a nice snuggle on the couch binging on TV shows.

“If you can dream it, you can do it” – Walt Disney 




Bio coming soon!