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Some people may be skeptical about designers or their need for one. I can tell you that without these two, our project would not have gotten it's legs. Not only do they have an eye for great design but their knowledge of building codes and contacts within the industry will likely save us thousands in mistakes and rework. Not to mention they are incredibly genuine and sincere and their excitement and enthusiasm is contagious. They took the time to listen to the special needs of our project and to understand our creative vision.
They love what they do and it shows. Oh did I mention they have pink hard hats and are adorable. You'll thank us once you get these girls on your team! p.s. You're Welcome.

—Leah Dawn + Brad Dauk, float.calm— Winnipeg Float Therapy Centre

Debbie Golub was our Interior Designer for our Restaurant renovation in October 2012. Our restaurant is R Bistro in The Frantz Inn, Steinbach, Mb. She, at the time worked at Fenwick and Company. She was great to work with! Her attention to detail was phenomenal and she was very attentive to our needs! Practicality was a big part of what we needed here and she listened! There are many designers out there that make beautiful designs but often are very costly and don’t make any sense to the environment in which they are placed! We had a budget and we stuck to it. Debbie became a friend through the project and we still chat occasionally. She really cared about her work and went above and beyond to make things happen. The construction firm we used also worked really well with Debbie. They were Tractus Projects out of Winnipeg. 

Thank you sooo much Debbie!!! Our restaurant looks FABULOUS!!! 

The Best of Luck in your future adventure!! You will do Great! 


Josette Roch, Frantz Inn - Project: R-Bistro

My entire family adores the girls of Design Shop!

Debbie and Amanda not only know their craft, but deliver their expertise and work with clients (us) in a humble, approachable and surprisingly fun way. My husband and I didn't know what to expect as the design discipline is a completely different beast from the worlds of our professions, but their collaborative and team focused approach has made the design process and results seem effortless and anxiety free ... and actually fun for a couple who doesn’t typically like this stuff! The only issue I have is that my three-year-old daughter rotates role paying "Debbie" and "Amanda" and deconstructs our home in the process ;). I would be happy to recommend Design Shop to family and friends for their residential, commercial and branding needs.... but if you have children who connect with the creative type - hire a cleaning service or ensure it is built into your design fees!! ;)

—Carly Shuler

It is my pleasure to recommend the design services of Design Shop. I have had the pleasure of working with Debbie Golub for the past 3 years on various new home and renovation projects. Her bubbly personality and excellent people skills are a compliment to her professionalism and design abilities. Across the board, we are always pleased with her work.

Currently, we have secured Design Shop to design our latest show home. Some of their product offerings we are using include exterior and interior design consultation, floor/space planning, furniture, paint colour, and material selections. They keep us and our customers excited to see the results of any project.

Please consider Design Shop for all of your design needs. I recommend them and look forward to working with them again.

—Victor Giesbrecht, General Manager Trikor Builders

Debbie and I worked together at EQ3 corporate in Winnipeg just shy of three years. Both in her initial role as Interior Designer, then once promoted to regional manager for Canada and International locations. Debbie and I collaborated several times at furniture shows (High Point + Las Vegas) and with Gallery clients from Canada, USA and abroad to create beautiful, branded and well programmed EQ3 gallery spaces in retail shop environments.

Her strength with space planning, furniture product knowledge, and her amazing ability to connect with and actively listen to customers contributed in her creation of profitable and successful visual furniture groupings with meaning to the retailer and their overall store vision.

Debbie was very innovative in her planning strategies. Using pieces in unconventional ways, identifying options to place more product for viewing and sales opportunities on the dedicated floor footprint (often small) and making shoppers feel they "must have" that entire arrangement versus just that one special piece!!

Clients were constantly drawn to her. Debbie is outgoing, hip, sociable and creative with an absolutely magnetic personality. Debbie is someone that has the innate ability to create memorable experiences in a way that make you want to do business with her. She knows how to mix business with pleasure in a professional manner. Her passion for architecture, interior design and creating beautiful spaces is infectious. Strangely, Debbie was always leaving with a gift in hand no matter who we did work for!! Collectible chairs, art pieces, candy....

Business owners would be crazy not to engage someone with Debbie's abilities and charisma on their design team. She gets the job done, always goes the extra mile to please, and knows how to bring out the best in you and your business. Debbie is well traveled, global minded and can adapt in any environment you put her in. Chameleon -like almost, I'd say.

When you work with Debbie, your sales and profits will increase and you will have much more fun during the process - more than you can imagine!

After she left EQ3 to expand her experience base, I have relied on Debbie as a consultant in my current business which involved attending the IMM Cologne Fair in 2011 together. Today, we continue to work together, under the umbrella of Design Shop on current projects involving suppliers such as, Kymo.deand .

Proud to be a reference. Proud of you Debbie Golub for building your dream with your partner Amanda Minuk. All the best to Design Shop!

—Werner Disselkamp, Disselkamp International

Love these two women. Such talent and great personalities.

—Ben Hopper, Hopper Associated

As a property manager, I rely on Amanda and Design Shop to realize our clients' visions and interior spatial requirements for their home.

As owners of revenue generating properties, the renovation process and design implementation of a marketable space is integral to our business model.

Amanda is able to translate our needs and business / marketing suggestions into physical production while providing her expertise to ensure maximized benefit in every aspect of the design. Her creativity and ability to reconcile form and function make her an asset for anyone who is undergoing a design project.

—Scott Callegari, COO—Enmore Asset Management

Love, love, love Debbie Golub!! We were so pleased with Debbie's designs and expertise during our home renovation. She guided us through a major home renovation with endless enthusiasm. Debbie's unassuming, approachable nature was a welcome surprise and made it a real pleasure to work with her. She would come highly recommend to any friends or family.

—Erin Anderson

We had the pleasure of working with Amanda Minuk and Debbie Golub of Design Shop of Winnipeg on a very time sensitive project.

Kindoma is the award-winning creator of mobile videochat services that help families connect when they can’t be together based out of Palo Alto, CA. We were dissatisfied with the origins of our investors pitch presentation we had to date. We approached the girls to see if they would be interested in supporting us rebrand, write copy and create a congruent, yet dynamic presentation that distinguished us from our competitors. It was imperative to Kindoma that the level of professionalism was elevated in the presentation.

They led the project from conception to completion; and did so within a 3 day period, ensuring that our vision, company mission and platform concept were clearly translated. Their design captured our brand identity, and with the help of their efforts, Kindoma won the investor pitch and was awarded best social impact start-up in the Points of Light Civic Accelerator. Design Shop was great to work with, accommodating, expedient and worked well within the time constraints.

We would be pleased to refer Design Shop onto other clients, family and friends for their branding and graphic abilities. Also noteworthy, the girls are interior designers... And very skilled at that as well!!

—The Kindoma Team

Amanda and Debbie at Design Shop are two of the most creative and dynamic designers around!  I hired them to do my small business logo and brand development, and I felt like they really "got" what I was trying to get across in a logo and brand. They provided me with oodles of options, and lots of support for me to make decisions along the way. They're creative, professional, timely, and most importantly, make the process fun.

—Kate Ferguson

I have had a working relationship with Debbie Golub for coming on four years.
In that time we have worked closely together on two major restaurant renovations and indirectly on numerous others. A working chemistry now exists between us which I share with few others.

Her approach to projects, design and more importantly towards her clients, is enthusiastic, respectful and knowledgeable. Perhaps the thing I value most about Debbie is her humility. No one person knows everything; even though some like to think and try to show that they do. Debbie, and I think myself, truly value the experience and knowledge that others can offer, which only leads to project success. The final result is a natural and effective collaboration. In her role as designer, she steers the ship in an infectious, energetic manner. You can’t help but want to follow her, her ideas and her instruction!

This was realized the first time we met while working on an innovative restaurant project here in Winnipeg. Soon after meeting her, the traits I articulated above became obvious. Though I was relatively new in commercial construction, I knew that our instant chemistry was going to lead to project success. This certainly ended up being the case and project was completed well, on time and budget.

A couple years later, we again worked together on another restaurant project where her design skills truly got to shine! The final project was one which everyone was proud of. Most of all, our client gushed with pride and shared many thanks with how things turned out. Debbie + I were then hired together to do huge renovation  #2!
Now that she and her partner, Amanda Minuk are starting their own firm, she’ll be able to show unencumbered greatness. Her future clients will be the net beneficiary, and benefit they will! The future is bright and I so look forward to working on more projects with her.

—Jody Spriggs, Project Manager at Tracuts Project - Winnipeg, Manitoba

It is always a pleasure collaborating with Amanda Minuk on lighting for her design projects. It is always enjoyable working with her because she respects my opinion and takes a cooperative approach to solving problems. She is genuinely interested in understanding and she is always willing to see other people’s point of views.  She always brings a unique and innovative perspective to her design concepts! I look forward to working with her and strongly encourage others to seek her design expertise.

—Alana Dunsmore, Robinson Lighting

Debbie and Amanda are great. I'm looking forward to working with them on some upcoming projects. Big things are in the works!

—Callum Beattie, Partner at Honest Agency

We have worked with Design Shop on numerous projects that range from bathroom and kitchen renovations to full scale remodels. Their professionalism and collaborative nature blends well with an impeccable style and sharp attention to detail. Design Shop has been extremely versatile on the various builds we have worked together on. They work well with the client to learn their tastes and budget and quickly come up with a thorough plan to implement this vision. It's fun to watch the ease with which they can go from more traditional, classical looks to the clean lines of modern design. A lot of our remodel work often requires a blending different styles and Design Shop is able to pull this off seamlessly. An extremely easy and fun group to work with, but at the end of the day, their beautiful results speak for themselves. 

—Harris Builders, Winnipeg, MB

In 2011, after a lengthy hunt, we found our dream house.  We were so excited by the house and the riverfront property that we failed to really appreciate the actual decor until we got possession.  Then the pink carpet and black and white tile suddenly became painfully obvious and we realize we had a long way to go to make the house our home.

We hired a contractor and started changing floors and knocking down walls.  As we progressed, we realized that we needed to update the paint on the walls as peach and raspberry are not really to our liking.  So I randomly found someone who could come and do a colour consultation.  I’d never worked with a designer before so I didn’t know what to expect or where to start.  She basically came to the house, asked what I wanted and found me colours I liked and in a brief hour we were done.  Seemed pretty painless.

But as I later sat and looked at the selections we had made, I realized I just wasn’t happy.  Something was off, though I couldn’t quite say what or why.  We had friends who had recently built a house and they recommended we contact the design firm they had used.  Feeling that I needed a second opinion, I made the call and got an appointment with the designer who was available - Debbie Golub.

A week later, a tiny blond firecracker showed up at our house and changed our entire project! Her energy and enthusiasm was contagious.  We spent two hours that first day, sitting on cushions on the dusty floorboards in the dining room trying to pick paint colours.  I had no idea it was so complicated.  She wanted to see the hardwood and tile selections and were to be installed. She asked how each room would used, the colour of our furniture and other details I’d long forgotten.  Her attention to detail meant that we ended up with a home instead of a bunch of random rooms with paint on the walls.  A home that now flows from room to room.

That first session left me with my head spinning but feeling more confident in our choices than ever before.  And suddenly, without knowing I needed one, I had a designer.  And without looking, as it turned out, I had also found a friend.

Debbie saved our project hundreds of times with her dedication and diligence.  And a friend who listened as I cried with frustration over the project, how long it took and how badly we got screwed in the end by the contractor we had retained.

This contractor was a nightmare - think “Holmes on Homes” - but worse.  And sadly, for the longest time, we had no idea.  We know little to nothing about construction, and put our trust in that man.  He would present us with ideas that seemed to make sense or tell us that certain things HAD to be a certain way.  Debbie however, was constantly asking questions, challenging his input and was proactive with her process. She created preliminary drawings for his review to ensure we didn't have any surprise site conditions with low investment plans to ensure they would work before further development. The suggestions were ok'd by our contractor.  Whenever feedback seemed "off", she she would "stamp her feet", declare the situation “bonkers” and on her own accord find a way to resolve his oversights and negligence.

We ended up renovating almost the entire house, and Debbie Golub was with us every step of the way.  She helped us find our vision and gently steered me away from a few less than desirable choices, like a red kitchen, purple guest room and treadmill in the bedroom.  The house originally had a built-in desk in the kitchen that I was determined to use as my “office”.  Debbie was convinced that the kitchen alcove would be better without it as it offset the symmetry and made the eating space way to tight.  The desk had to be removed to finish the tile floor instal and somehow the granite from the desk ended up getting cracked, thus becoming unusable.  Debbie was thrilled!! To this day we joke that Debbie brought her fiancee on a midnight raid to our home with a hammer to "do in" that desk.  Whether she did or not, she was right - the kitchen was better off without that desk.  In truth, when it comes to design, Debbie is always right.  Though I’m convinced that one day I will get her to accept purple as a reasonable colour choice!

When our contractor finally disappeared, leaving us high and dry with an unfinished, unlivable home, Debbie helped us find a new contractor. She recommended a general conractor who she'd worked with in the past, to complete the project.  The renovation took us two years because of that original contractor and what he did to us.  It succeeded because Debbie was committed to us every step of the way.

Over the course of the renovation, Debbie answered all my calls, emails and texts.  Every time we see something we like, we send her a photo.  She always has a good comment or question that leads us to the right decision.  We actually won’t buy furniture, accessories or anything now unless they are “Debbie approved”.

After the trauma of the renovation was finally over and we could finally move in and on, we took a break from design decisions but not from Debbie.  She and I have become the kind of friends that you know will last.  It was so lovely to finally have her over for a drink on the back deck last summer and chat knowing that our home was finally together.

But of course, renovation ideas never really stop (at least for us!) and we will be back at it again! Debbie Golub, now as Design Shop will be our go to girl. Soon to come... An office space, (we found a better space than the kitchen), new furnishings and accessories that make a house a home, a kitchen re-design and a man pad (sigh).

We were sitting in our living room the other day, and as I looked around, I thought how much I loved the space and everything in it.  And that is all due to Debbie and her passion for design.

—Cheryl ffrench, MD, FRCPC + Chris Sathianathan, MD, FRCPC

Debbie and Amanda are professional, educated and passionate about interior design, and there is no doubt that they know how to fuse functionality with beautiful design. Tractus Projects has completed many projects under their initials, and we look forward to our next upcoming project with these exciting girls!

—Jaret Horbatiuk, Principal, C.E.T., Tractus Projects

I have known Amanda Minuk for the past eight years and have had the opportunity to work with her on several interior design projects, situated in Canada and internationally.

Amanda and I immediately established an strong working rapport when we began our first project together, her drive, work ethic and enthusiastic attitude shockingly made the design process enjoyable!  This gave me the all the confidence I need to become a returning client.

During our design and programming meetings she displayed superior planning, design, and communication skills. Even when there were last minute changes, Amanda dealt with the situations in a professional and efficient manner. She worked through the problems WITH me, to ensure that deadlines and subordinate timelines were met. The original design intent was never sacrificed, and building codes were satisfied, despite changes that came about.

Amanda has strong leadership skills. It was apparent to me that the main goal was to consistently develop a space that was both functionally and aesthetically designed to fulfill my "must have" needs!

When Amanda informed me that she would be co founding "Design Shop" with partner Debbie Golub I was very excited for her.

Amanda is a passionate Interior Designer and person in general, who I know will succeed in the design industry in Winnipeg.... and who knows, also abroad!

—Andy Sayroo, Enmore Asset Management Inc.

It has been a great pleasure to deal with Debbie Golub doing furniture coordination + purchasing on several occasions both in the past while she worked at a previous firm and especially now that she leads in partnership at Design Shop.

I truly believe you need to have a love and passion for what you choose to do in your life as a career, and Debbie has demonstrated over and over again that she has this passion. It is evident in her work ethic, approach towards creating quality design + finishing decisions.

Due to the nature of our business at Wicker World home + patio, we often have clients come into our store location with their designer. This gives us a unique opportunity to witness the relationship and dialogue that takes place between the two. It can be very revealing.

With Debbie, conversations are constructive, informed, upbeat and always fun. Her clients are effortlessly brought into the decision making process without feeling pressure or awkwardly put on the spot to make a decision.
Gone are the days of the “trust me “ Interior Design process. At least this is the case with Design Shop.

Debbie Golub has demonstrated that she can be extremely budget conscious when required while still maintaining a keen eye for those special pieces that can make a room transform into a unique space, be it commercial or residential regardless of price point constraints.

Her positive energy and open door policy for contact makes Debbie from Design Shop a excellent option for hire and design your space!
Once contact is made, all the fear of hiring an interior designer dissipates and the adventure of creating an exciting space will begin!

At Wicker World Home + Patio, we deal with many designers and clients from the public, all wanting a unique experience, and choose to shop with us for our superior service, product knowledge and unique selection of furnishings.

We know when clients are happy with their decisions, and sadly when they are frustrated with the process and the help they have chosen. We are fans of Debbie Golub at Design Shop as we don't hear of said frustrations! Thank you for your support and making our customer experience that much more satisfying!

Looking forward to many more collaborative "dates"!

—Phil Squarie, President at Wicker World Home + Patio

Debbie's creativity and ability take a project from the conceptual design phase and all the way to the end where it actually gets built is what separates her from other designers!

—Chris McDonald Director of Finance at Marymound