Melanie Dupuis



Warm. reliable. passionate.


Melanie has worked in the interior design industry for over 12 years. She graduated in 2002 with her Bachelor of Interior Design with top notch marks and was immediately sought after in the workplace by noteworthy interdisciplinary firms.

After spending a year teaching and designing (crazy cool) overseas in Japan, Melanie then joined the crew at Synyshyn Architecture for 5+ years where she received mentorship by Maureen Doyle. There she focused on commercial works; office design, health care, retail and everything in between.

After another travel stint in South East Asia, she continued to build her design portfolio and expanded into everything related to residential and DIY.

Her passion revolves around building interiors where people can find comfort. She believes that designers understand the art of studying people and how they interact within the spaces where they live and work. Being an interior designer is a whole lot more than just picking colours. Then seeing people use the space in the way that you envisioned them to engage with it.

She loves the beginning stages of a project. Mel truly shines when she is space planning and working through the smaller details. She’s also a strong advocate for her clients.

Within the design industry, Melanie admires interior designer extraordinaire Kelly Wearstler for her boldness. And – she’d really love to be as hip as Kelly at her age. Melanie also appreciates Mckinley Burkart - the Canadian Firm that she look up to the most. They are always ahead of the trend with their spaces.

Outside of the Design Shop studio, Melanie loves cooking and spending time with her boys and being active outdoors with them. She also loves to spin, practice yoga and going on family adventures. She’s traveled extensively through to Central America (Costa Rica, Guatemala), Mexico, Philippines, Bali, Sweden, part of Europe, Greece, Israel (Jerusalem), and Egypt.

When she and Debbie were in university together, Debbie told her that one day they would work together and maybe even star in their own TV show – and now here they are 21 years later – working together and doing what they love.

"By coming in here, you agree to a certain behaviour" Mink said. “What behaviour?” “Room behaviour.”
– Don DeLillo, White Noise