Natasha Bargen



Thoughtful. hard working. calm.


Born and raised in the Wolseley area of Winnipeg MB, Natasha developed an intrinsic flare and keen eye for design at an early age. Before starting her career in Interior Design, she was always drawn to the glamour and glitz associated with design, but after seven years in the industry she also has an appreciation for the more subtle gestures and less glamorous tasks like programming meetings, and understanding building codes.

After graduating from the University of Manitoba with a degree in Environmental Design, Natasha quickly submerged herself in the industry. From freelance work at various firms, designing layout & displays at IKEA and working on production design teams for film and TV, she’s been an active member of the Winnipeg design scene.

She has always loved interiors, furniture, and floor plans and she loves seeing how people use their spaces and how Interior Design can affect behaviour. She absolutely loves being part of a team that brings a client from having a vision or a dream to experiencing a real physical space that they can use and enjoy for years to come.

A seasoned traveller, Natasha has spent time in Australia, Thailand, a handful plus countries in Europe and many cities across North America; and with that brings cultural awareness, empathy and global perspective into everything she does. Travelling always gives her perspective. She loves seeing how different parts of the world create their homes and public spaces. Seeing a variety of countries and cultures really reminds her that anything is possible.

Her greatest design inspiration is Kelly Wearstler. She loves that Wearstler’s products can inspire an entire project because of their textures and patterns. Natasha is drawn in by the layers, eclectic feel, and story telling of Wearstler’s projects.

Notably, Natasha also has an affinity for kittens, has a natural fear of snakes and enjoys lazy Sundays. She loves going on weekend trips to the lake. Her cat Mouse is her best friend and now, after buying a house with her partner she even designs on the weekends, working on projects for her home.

Natasha is ready to come alongside you and equip you with the knowledge and expertise to make your design dream a reality.

“We create the reality in which we live”

– James Turrell